Here Is How You Are Ruining Your Life Every Morning

Your alarm goes off, you roll over and wake up, what’s the first thing on your mind?
The exam you have today?
Something you’re avoiding?
You finally manage to pull yourself out of bed and get ready for the day. You look in the mirror and hate everything you see
Not skinny enough
Skin not clear enough
Hair not long enough
You say today will be a good day but you go on continuing your everyday routine.
When you wake up and the first thoughts running through your mind all morning are negative ones, you’re setting your mindset to be a negative one. You’re basically setting yourself up for a bad day. You don’t choose to fix anything, instead you choose to complain.
It’s easier to complain though, isn’t it? But the thing is, every single morning you have a choice. Everything in life is a choice. You can choose to dread something happening that day, you can choose to feel crappy about your appearance, and you can choose to be unhappy. You chose who you are and every morning you have a choice to change that.
You’re destroying yourself by waking up everyday and choosing to not make any changes. You literally have the power to wake up one morning and completely change who you are. Cut your hair, change your style, create new hobbies, and change your personality. This is all in your power.
Now okay, maybe it’s possible but its not easy enough to make a giant change in one day. Then create healthy habits. Make it a point to stick to something everyday.
Pick out one thing every morning you love about yourself
Read more
Eat healthier
Wake up and exercise
Create these habits and day after day you will begin to wake up and feel good about yourself and your life. Stop fearing your future. Learn to embrace the person you are becoming by becoming a better you, every single morning. Do the thing that’s scare you in life, take risks, live. This is the only life you have so why are you waking up everyday and focusing on all the things you don’t like about it. You know what almost everyone whose time is coming to an end here regrets the most? Everything they never did.
You’re going to regret spending every morning hating yourself, not telling someone how you feel, not taking the risk for the new job. Years from now you will realize you never lived up to your full potential.
So start
Whatever you don’t like about your life, stop complaining, and change that. Put all the energy you do in hating that one thing into creating a better you.

Do this and I promise you that a year from now or even a week from now, you will be happier.


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